• Data Science and Applied Statistics.
    Data Science. Machine learning. Data munging / wrangling. Classics statistical multivariate methods. Prediction models. Clustering. Regression. Classification, and Scoring. Mapping (Analytics, Preference).
  • Data Science and Applied Statistics Computational Tools.
    R-project, R/BigData [medium-scale data], R-Machine Learning, Python, Python/BigData [medium-scale data], Python-Machine Learning, SAS, Tableau (Desktop / Public) and Weka.
  • Data Visualization and Graphics.
    Traditional, dynamic and GIS type graphics. General, dynamic and geospatial visualization. Dashboards. [Platforms R-project, Python, SAS, Google, Tableau.]
  • Data Analysis.
    Data analysis principally supported by R-project. Python. SAS. Tableau (Desktop / Public).


  • Language skills.
    English. Spanish.
  • Statistics or related platforms.
    R-project. Python. SAS. Tableau (Desktop / Public).
  • Mathematics or related platforms.
    Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, Scilab.
  • Database Administrators.
    R-data management. R/BigData [medium-scale data]. Python-data management. Python/BigData [medium-scale data]. SAS-SQL. MySQL. MS-SQL. SQLite. PostgreSQL.
  • Other IT skills already known or learning.
    Html. CSS. PHP. Julia. Latex. MathJax. Google stuff (Charts, Forms, Maps, Drive, Analytics, Cloud). Eviews. Gretl. XLSTAT. SPSS. Amazon (AWS-RDS). Weka.


  • Data Science.
    Self taught (Autodidact).
    Different projects developed by me linked to areas of machine learning, data analytics, and Visualizations. I am always learning something new in this awesome field of development.
  • Master of Science in Statistics.
    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, conferred September 2002.
    Thesis work: A multivariate logistic regression application to get a social-economics classification index.
  • Statistician.
    Universidad Austral de Chile, conferred July 1984.
    Thesis work: An implementation of a Statistic Quality Control Inspection Procedure using a mixed simple sampling method to be used in dairy products.
  • Bachelor of Science in Statistics.
    Universidad Austral de Chile, conferred July 1984.

 Hector Alvaro Rojas   /   Data Science, Visualizations and Applied Statistics.