I am a fan and admirer of the quantitative area of information processing and, of course, the immense technological value, knowledge, and progress that resides in the area of artificial intelligence and its derivatives. I define myself as a "Data Science and Applied Statistics" guy. I have a varied professional experience, and I keep my skills updated mainly in a self-taught way. Of course, I am an always learning kind of person, the only possible way to be if you want to be alive in this awesome field of specialization.

I certainly acknowledge the huge and vital importance that computational progress has had on human development, and give my sincere congratulations to computing, as sustaining vital science of modern and future times. Professionally I define myself very close to this area and maintain frequent serious efforts to gain access to more knowledge and update it.

I work as a freelance consultant in "data science, data analytics and applied statistics", and I have also held positions both in the academy (professor) and outside of it (companies, industries, and other institutions).

In words of the late Anton P. Chekhov [Russian physician, dramatist, and writer] I could say -Statistics is my lawful wife, and Data Science is my mistress-, so far!

My best greetings to all!

Hector Alvaro Rojas
Data Science and Applied Statistics
Website: http://www.arqmain.net
GitHube: https://github.com/arqmain

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